Tool submit form

We strongly encourage contributions to the toolkit. When you submit a tool, you strengthen the impact of learning communities and learning health systems worldwide. We will list your name as a tool contributor on the website, and through the toolkit we can disseminate any LHS tools you’ve found helpful to others who may benefit from them.

You can submit the description of a tool, use case or testimonial by entering the details in the form below. When you submit a tool to the LHS toolkit we’ll confirm receipt by email. Submissions will be reviewed by members of INACT-LHS on a quarterly basis or sooner. A submission will be held in moderation until all criteria are checked, thus it will not immediately appear in the toolkit. We’ll send an email update as soon as your contribution has posted to the LHS Toolkit.Please include enough detail for users to understand what the tool is, when it might be used and any significant constraints on its use. Please consider the following criteria when submitting a tool:

  1. Does the tool relate to at least one of the LHS topics in the framework we have used to categorize LHS topics, and, if not, is there a rationale for adding it to the toolkit as a new topic?
  2. Is the source peer-reviewed or otherwise published by a credible source?
  3. Is the source useful for our potential audience?
  4. Is the source freely available via URL or PDF?
  5. Do we have permission to publish or share this resource?

You can upload documents and/or images related to the tool, if they are not available at another URL link. Ideally, your tool will be available at another URL, such as another website or journal article. Please take care that your upload does not infringe any copyright, IP or terms of use.

Type of contribution

Please choose appropriate subjects (e.g. strategy, complexity etc.) and sub-subjects (e.g. value-proposition, evaluation etc.) for submission, so that members of the community can find the tool. This is important so that we can assure consistency on the website and help visitors navigate the content on the site.